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Nocturne - Syrie James 2.5 stars

Logical ending when something illogical would probably be better. Something unexpected. I liked the setting. But a lot of the book seemed the old vamp stuff all over again - the fear of intimacy, the healing power of the vampire's saliva, the attitude, etc.

There were some knew things thankfully, but James seemed to write what was logical, all logical feelings on the parts of the characters, a logical ending, logical thinking. But it's no fun when you can predict everything. You want the writer to surprise you, to do something you would never have thought of or, at least, to do something you feel clever to have figured out. ;-)

I liked the characters and was not happy with the way their stories turned out. Since it's fantasy, why not try to think of some way to make it happy. It doesn't have to be too realistic; vampires aren't, after all.

Addendum: Just wanted to add that I do care about the characters, so obviously something worked. Somehow I still hope for another book. Hopefully, James gets an opportunity.